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Aim High Martial Arts


Hello Tang Soo Do students!

At the beginner level, you are not required to have any gear; as long as you bring yourself, your uniform, and a good attitude to every class, you are good to go!  You may find that you'd like to have your own bo-staff, though.  You'll use it throughout your martial arts journey, so it's a great investment, but you won't be expected to own one until you are a brown belt. 

Once you are an intermediate student (green belt through senior brown belt), you will be responsible for having sparring gear, so you can participate in every drill as safely as possible.  Click the link to the left to see the Tang Soo Do intermediate gear.

Once you move into the advanced levels of classes (red belt and above), Ms Thomas recommends that you have some additional gear as we step up the intensity of training.  There is a link for Advanced Tang Soo Do gear on the left as well.

Brown belts and above should own their own bo-staff, red belts and above should own their own practice knife, and black belts should own a (dulled) metal knife and sword for tournaments.  You can find great options for all training weapons in the link to the left (Black belts, if you would like to order your sword or dan gum from the WTSDA, speak to Ms Thomas).

If you have any questions about what gear you need, Ms Thomas and the front desk team are always here to help you out!

Give us a call!